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Chuck Moseley

It's been a great privilege for me to provide overall spiritual and directional leadership here at Oak Grove Baptist Church.  It's been a great privilege for me to serve OGBC since 2001 and see the oldest Baptist Church in Virginia continue to grow in numbers and spirit.


It has been my desire to serve God here through delivering biblically based messages that can be applied to today's living.  I have found the Bible to be true in all areas of live and believe that it speaks to every life circumstance.  I believe that God loves us all more than we can ever imagine and wants us to experience the joy of that love and share that love with others.


Since being called to the ministry in 1978, I have received a Bachelors of Human Services degree from Wingate University and a Master of Divinity degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Since graduating seminary God has led me to serve in churches as minister of youth, education, associate pastor and of course, as pastor.  It has been my pleasure to serve churches in Virginia, North Carolina and even Nova Scotia, Canada.

  "My greatest desire is to see our church build more and better followers of Christ."

Pastor Chuck Moseley
Church Sanctuary



Oak Grove Baptist is a Southern Baptist church and a participating member of the Baptist General Association of Virginia and the Bridge Network Of Churches.


First-time visitors to OGBC will be greeted as they enter the church - we're glad that you're here! Our service could best be described as a relaxed traditional service. Musically you will hear both traditional and contemporary music used in our services. Visitors are recognized but, you will not be asked to raise your hand or stand. Instead, we simply ask our first-time visitors to fill out a card that can be placed in the offering plate during the service.


There is no dress code at OGBC. You will notice people wearing more traditional Sunday clothes and you will also see people wearing casual clothes. God looks to the heart of the person and we work to do the same.


The sermons at OGBC are Biblically based Christ-centered sermons that include powerpoint presentations to help those who take notes. During the service there will be a free-will offering taken. Many of the people will use that as a time to give their tithes, offerings and gifts as an act of worship to God to be used to futher the work of Christ in our community and all around the world.


Every service ends with an invitation to respond to God's call in your life. While it is encouraged to make some decisions public, most of the decisions will be made privately. Every decision is between the individual and God. As individuals and as a church we work to grow in our understanding of God and His Son Jesus Christ. It is also our hope that others will also make the decision to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. So, if you are looking for a home church we hope that you will give OGBC an opportunity to be that church. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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